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Use your Patient Fusion portal to:

Message your provider directly with a request or concern between appointments

Review your treatment plan after each visit

Review your medications and diagnosis(es)

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To get scheduled as a new patient in our office:

Step 1

Fill out the online New Patient Health History

Step 2

Fill out the OFFICE POLICIES form

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2520 S 5th Avenue Pocatello, ID 83204

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Our Mission

To support the learning, growth, healing and recovery of each patient that involves the transformation of health of mind, body, brain and soul.

Our Organizational Values

Hope, empathy, compassion, validation, integrity, expertise, persistence, friendliness, warmth and a commitment to the best possible service for each patient.

Our Services

Experienced, psychiatrist led multi-disciplinary experts providing patient-centered, advanced, safe and effective mental health services including: expert diagnosis, medication management, psychotherapy, skills training, TMS, ketamine and more!

Treatment Vision

The successful navigation of the journey to wellness for each patient involving the resourcing of compassion, support and mentoring in the acquisition and use of skills and tools that target brain, body, mind and soul.