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Deric Ravsten, DO, FAPA

Dr. Ravsten is a native of Southeast Idaho. He received his undergraduate degree from Idaho State University and attended medical school at Des Moines University (formerly UOMHS) in Iowa. He completed his internship and Psychiatry Residency at the University of Utah. Dr. Ravsten is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and proprietor of Life Change Associates. He has a broad range of practice experience including work in outpatient and inpatient clinical settings, working with children, adults and the elderly. His professional passion is tied his commitment to helping each patient feel better, do more and to experience the richness and fulfillment of a fully realized life.

Dr. Ravsten’s Specialties


Life Change Associates is excited to be able to provide a safe, well-tolerated and effective non-medication therapy. This therapy is repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS. The FDA approved this non-invasive treatment in 2008. The FDA recommends it for those with treatment resistant major depression. It is available for those who have failed to respond to medication therapy. It is also offered to people who have not tolerated medication therapy due to side effects.

ACT Group Skills Training

ACT is a powerful behavioral therapy which can help you get “unstuck” emotionally and help you learn to pursue a path of greater fulfillment, peace, passion, and meaning in your life.

Dr. Ravsten provides education and training in ACT and offers 2 classes: a beginner level class (known as the Basics of ACT) as well as an intermediate level class (known as ACT in Daily Living). In these classes you will learn skills to more effectively handle painful thoughts and feelings while also clarifying what truly important to you and how to pursue the life you want to have.


Deric V. Ravsten, DO, FAPA
Diplomate in Psychiatry, ABPN
Owner, Life Change Associates
“Feel better. Do more. We can help.”