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Life Change Associates is a physician and psychiatrist led practice in Southeast Idaho providing expert medical care in approved novel treatments for mental health disorders. As such, Dr. Ravsten is excited to offer a highly effective, non-medication therapy for treatment resistant major depressive disorder. This treatment is called repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS Therapy.

rTMS Therapy

TMS works by using a magnetic device to stimulate areas of the brain that are known to be disrupted in major depression. A typical treatment session lasts 20 minutes a day and is repeated five days a week over six weeks.

The FDA approved this non-invasive treatment in 2008. The FDA recommends it for those with treatment resistant major depression. It is available for those who have failed to respond to medication therapy or those who have not tolerated medication therapy due to side effects.

TMS Therapy Is Effective

Research shows that 70% of patients will experience a clinical response to TMS and around 45% will sustain a remission of depression symptoms lasting one year after the initial treatment.

Is TMS Therapy Right For You?

To see if you might benefit from TMS Therapy, click the TMS Screening Form button on our Home Page or click here. contact our office today to schedule an free. Once you submit the screen form one of our care coordinators will contact you. They will arrange a FREE, no obligation, TMS Consultation with Dr. Ravsten or one of his medical associates.  Or call us to schedule a time to speak with Dr. Ravsten about TMS and take the next step towards feeling better and doing more!

Deric V. Ravsten, DO, FAPA