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What is ACT?

ACT is a powerful behavioral therapy which can help you get “unstuck” emotionally and help you learn to pursue a path of greater fulfillment, peace, passion, and meaning in your life.

Dr. Ravsten provides education and training in ACT and offers 2 classes: a beginner level class (known as the Basics of ACT) as well as an intermediate level class (known as ACT in Daily Living). In these classes you will learn skills to more effectively handle painful thoughts and feelings while also clarifying what truly important to you and how to pursue the life you want to have.

Some of the frequently asked questions about ACT group skills training include:

Question: Who benefits from ACT?

Answer: Research has shown ACT to be helpful for those suffering from depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, adjustment disorders as well as those seeking to lose weight and to improve coping with medical conditions like chronic pain, diabetes, cancer and epilepsy.

Question: How long are the groups and how often do I need to attend?

Answer: Dr. Ravsten recommends 1 hour of weekly group training for 6 consecutive weeks. Those who complete their training in the Basics of ACT are invited to attend the ACT in Daily Living Class twice a month for 3 months if further training is desired.

Question:How many people attend the small group training sessions?

Answer: This varies but it is usually 8 to 10 persons.

Question: What if I am uncomfortable talking about my problems in front of others?

Answer: ACT skills training focuses on learning to be in the present moment and so does not encourage discussion of the past difficulties or possible future problems in your life. The focus is on learning the concepts, practicing the skills to be in the present moment and moving forward intentionally in your life.

Question: What skills can I expect to learn?

Answer: Learning to be present, taking committed action in pursuit of your values, how to observe your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations while at the same time learning to let go of judgments that can keep you stuck. You will be encouraged to develop more self-compassion and able to direct your mind in the direction you want to go in your life.

Question: How do I join an ACT group?

Answer: You can call our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ravsten or one of his medical associates or contact us through our website by clicking on the CONTACT ME link.

Question: Does my insurance cover this training?

Answer: Nearly all insurances cover this type of therapy and your cost will depend on your coverage and policy. One of our office staff can help you determine your copay and the cost to you for attending by contacting our office at 208-233-LIFE (5433).