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Does insurance cover Telehealth Services?

Life Change Associates has offered diagnostic and medication management services using secure, virtual and real-time technology to Idaho residents since 2013. Until the spring of 2020 few insurances in Idaho other than Medicare and Medicaid covered virtual care visits. After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic nearly all insurances in Idaho extended coverage for virtual (telepsychiatry) appointments.

Why use Telepsychiatry Services?

Virtual visits allow greater access to psychiatric experts and help to overcome barriers of time and distance required to travel to our office, transportation methods, weather, social distance requirements, work, school and childcare elements that can make it difficult to attend appointments in person.

Who can access Telepsychiatry Services at Life Change Associates?

Any established patient in our clinic (that resides in Idaho) that can appropriately meet the administrative, clinical and technical requirements of an origination site for telepsychiatry services may request to use this treatment delivery option. For a copy of the Telepsychiatry Services Policy for Non-Clinic Origination click HERE and indicate that you want to receive virtual visits from your home.

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